SOOoOOOooo. I Just bought my VIP tickets to see Wondergirls and 2PM US 2010 TOUR!! 


IM SOOO EXCITED!! The VIP tickets were a bit costly BUUUT
we get to do a MEET AND GREET!!


Buy your tickets here if you live in one of those cities!!




Current Dramas...

So don't really know what to post but i have been watching dramas like crazy. XD

I SHOULD BE doing an Art History paper right now on Andy Warhol (BLECH) but im obviously NOT. BAD BAD BAD.

Oh wells.


Japanese Drama about fashion and being a hard working woman. Who needs men right? XD it was quite empowering. Made me felt like i needed to get off my arse and get some shit done!!! Make something of myself and look amazing at the same time!!

"If you wear boring clothes, you'll lead a boring life" - Miki-Sama

And the guys are not bad looking. :P watch it here!

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So Been MIA for about a good...2 years. SOMEHOW wondered back to LJ and realized how much more updated you guys are!!!

I would keep up with forums if i could but too much work and dedication. And too many rules.

So here i am again. Don't really know if im gonna post much BUT i'm definitely still fangirling so i'll have my moments. Schools just a drag so can't be on LJ constantly like those years back. I'm so out of it i even forgot fanfiction terminology! I had to go search a word i couldnt remember.

that word was "smut" lmao. Oh man JE days. I'm gonna stray back to them just for the OTPing but other than eh. KPOP has won be over entirely. I'll JE fangirl just bc i love the boys. But even so no time for that.

Current loves:

You're Beautiful...isn't that almost the dream of a fangirl. Secretly infiltrate the boyband somehow and then fall in love with your beloved star??! FREAKIN DREAM COME TRUE!!! I loved every bit of this drama. And the fact it was ridiculous made it better. XD

Currently working on, "The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry..." so Kim Bum is winning my heart all over again (during his BOF times) He's still super cute and charming and that smile. DAMN gets to the girls hearts man.

Current Hottie that i can't seem to get over.

NICH KHUN FROM 2PM!! Much loves Much loves. I see this trend for men who are tooo pretty and cute!! (ahem SUNGMIN)

I end this here. With that ADORABLE LOOK ON HIS FACE! He can be cute, hot, sexy, gay, silly, weird, and CUTE and hot...and it cycles endlessly. XD

Much Love. Hope my fandom returns here.



Semi-Friends Locked. Yes.<3s

-i fan girl like no tmorrow. 
-I use fangrish so expect random japanese and korean.
-i love OTPS. well maybe except for DBSK (i just cant see them ghei. ESPECIALLY MICKY omg no)
-JE boys ghei love and SUJU ghei love = LOVE (so if you cant handle that...DISCLAIMER there)
                      - DBSK/Tohoshinki/TVXQ
  - Super Junior
                      - F.T. Island
                      - BIG BANG
                      - Wonder Girls
                      - 2PM
          KINDA FANGirling now.... ( Basically JE fandom)
                      - KAT-TUN
                      - NEWS
                      - KANJANI8
-I love Photoshop and enjoy making fun of our boys and how girly/pretty they are. 
-So yes. FANGIRLING is like pratically all this LJ is. 
-BUT BUT be warned i probably will post random stuff about my life. And well even though i am a fangirl i DO have a life and well reality can suck. Sooo i'll try not to rant and be emo.
-So if you liked to add and be added back please comment. MMKKAAAy off to real world and attempt to study.
-EDIT: Oh and please watch out for shark attacks when microwaving your pizza and ESPECIALLY in a pool. BC those sharks @___@ you never know when they might pop out and eat you! BE WARNED!!!
- OH and as you're reading this be careful because for all you know ITS BEHIND YOU RIGHT NOW!


WGM <3

I just want to say...


AndySolbi should be together for reals!

And how can anyone not adore this song...



jin oro


heey guys I  KNOW SOMEONE im friends with KNOWS TIN! Somehow! AKA figuramalaya. (<-- her old LJ sn)

She deleted her account and well i've been MIA for ages...and well shes one of the few people i actually FANGIRLED like mad with and damn i miss reading her crazy fangirl posts. SOOOO TIN IF YOU'RE reading this. WHERE ARE YOU?! And whats you new LJ sn?!


X-Mas Wishlist 2007

This is for my secret santas (something i do with my RL friends)

AND i know to my fellow fangirls i NEED to post more and OF COURSE i want fangirling things like stuff with DBSK and Super Junior KPOP or JE boys stuff JPOP stuff....but not everyone knows the websites or has credit i dont want to make my secret santas life hard. Sooo heres the post with more local stuff....


Dear Secret Santa,
I want many things. >< but here are some to give you a better idea. Sorry for the late posting! AND i shall upate this...

-shoes (ballet flats) (rainboots)
    -knee socks (solid/gray/black/dark colors/whitecream) or argyle print XD
    -ankle socks (any color?) i need some i HAVE NO IDEA where all mine went.
    -socks in general. CUTE ONES! hehe.
-scarf (as usual) (prefer solid colors or striped) *OR EVEN BETTER! A HARRY POTTER ONE! ><*
-hair clips. (colorful ones) (no flowers plz. or glitter. im trying my best to loook older bc i fail at that) ( the barrette kind?)
-cardigan/henleys (I REALY NEED A BLACK CARDIGAN!)
-hoodies or zip ups
-handbags (tote/hobo bag)

-mmm what else.

-gift cards?
-cute stuff?

here are some pics. or examples.


AND ANDOMG this hat..i saw it at Targetyesterday. I LOVE IT! its so awesome.

-Hot Topic
-Forever 21/XXI
-Old Navy
-Urban Outfitters
-American Eagle

I SHALL CONT. more...

here are some websites with my Asian stuff i like....

groups i like. 

(from order of OMG I LOVE U! to i like them and enjoy their music)

DBSK (Dong Bang Shinki) <- Korean name (Tohoshinki) <-- Japanese name
Super Junior (korean)
F.T Island (korean) (theres also worldwide one Difference? no idea) (under etc < music)

By the way, (the red ballet flats with poka dots i bought recently...)

i probably should mention what i already have... >< (from the Asian stuff...but I LOVE POSTERS! lik poster obsessed its wierd)


Lee Seung Gi

The King & the Clown + My Boss My Hero = LEE JUN KI PIMP POST!

Soo i've been watching dramas like MAD and i've ALWAYS 
been meaning to WATCH The King & the Clown (Lee Jun Ki) what a beautiful man.

Lee Jun Ki

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Thoughts on My Boss My Hero (so far done with ep.2)
i literally LOLed like mad because of Tegoshi. Seriously TESSHI CAN U BE ANYMORE GAY! OMG!

things that highlighted for me.

- Koki sewing.
- Tesshi calling Sakai-kun "Makki!" LMAO
- Makki calling Tegoshi "Sakura-something" (lmao CANT even remmeber the boys name...*sigh*)
- Tegoshi BEING JEALOUS of a GIRL! LMAO hahah GHEI? Very gay. OMG every episode Tegoshi or "Sakura-something" SCREAMS GAY!
- Makki shorts dropping. = WIN. lmao.

BUT BUT Tegoshi  being JEALOUS and very GAY is the best. LMAO what a fruit. lmao hahah HE's SUCHA CUTE JEALOUS Little BOY! haha

AND NOW for the LEE JUN KI picture spam. THE MAN is "SOOO GORGEOUS"


WARNING! very IMAGE HEAVY! Like serious.

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LOVES JUNKI (and Sungmin and Micky.) lmao im so greedy.

i need to make a Lee Jun Ki icon. ><